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Grading Your books

Filler books
You know you'll want to find better.
Keeping in mind when you purchase that you'll probably end up throwing away later.

Ranking 1
A damaged book. Crayon, ink on pages, missing pages, chewed pages,missing activities. The book probably looks like it just came out of the trash.

Ranking 2 - 3
The spine is getting loose. The cover is soiled. No crayon scribbling or ink that distracts from any part of the book. There may be some tape on pages. A well read and not taken care of copy.


Average books Alright until you find better. Will not appreciate in value like better conditioned books. 

Good to Very Good
Ranking 4 - 7
This is your average book. May have some light soiling or chipping on front cover. No tears or scrapes on the cover. The inside pages may have small creases or folded corners, could have small tears no more than 1/4" long. No tape. Some of the spine cover may be missing or chipping. The book is well read but still in complete condition.


Collection Books These are books that you'd be proud to show others.

Fine to Very Fine
Clean, tight book. May have some light pencil marks. Name may be written on inside cover in space provide. A little of the cover luster may be gone. Overall condition of the book should be one that was read but well cared for. 

No marks of any kind on book. Should look like it just came off the store shelf.